FODMAP Friendly App recensioner


Not helpful for those who want to cook their own meals. Nothing more than a short list of processed foods. Disappointing.

Wish I had scrolled down to see the review

Previous reviewer is correct. This information isn’t organized in a functionally useful manner. There isn’t even a list of recommended foods. You have to individually click on certain foods to see the fodmap rating. Waste of $2 and my time. Very disappointing.

Don’t waste your money

Not useful at all. Want a refund!

Fancy FodMap Brochure, nothing more

I bought this app because the website advertised this as an app for meal planning to be able to enter all the foods from one meal to see if combined they put you into any of the high fodmap categories. Has nothing even remotely like this! This is just a list of a few foods in alphabetical order and their fodmap levels, some dietary guidance and a list of nutritional doctors in your country. They don't even provide info on whole oranges, one of the 3 most popular fruits in the USA. Pretty pathetic for $1.99. This should be free until it actually has some worthwhile content. Save your money and just type "fodmap food-of-choice" into google and you will get more info than this app provides. This is just a glorified fodmap brochure.

I want my money back

There isn't any content!


Not a single feature of this app works on my iPhone. I will be deleting it. Do not purchase this!


Not an app for USA

Incomplete app

There are no foods listed under the food list... Kind of the main reason I purchased the app. I hope it gets fixed or I want my money back. Very disappointed :(

Disappointing - So Little There

This was a disappointing app. It is like a brochure with too little information. Nothing interactive. There is so little there - you can find more with a quick search on the web. Would return if I could.

Could be more

It's a beginners app and there's not much to know on getting used to basic FODMAP information. This app does not have recipes but does advertise products FODMAP friendly. I like the links to dietitians. But after about 30 minutes of navigating I was over it

Thanks FODMAP Friendly!

This ap is thorough, intuitive, accurate, and easy to navigate for anyone in need of a little help making difficult dietary adjustments. The food lists are both well-organized and comprehensive and I also appreciated the dietary specialists section which proves that this ap can be useful for any user around the globe! Thank you; 5 stars!

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